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What People are Saying:

“This was a first experience for me participating in a women’s circle/session.  Although it was a little unnerving at first, to allow myself to show my “vulnerable” side to women I did not know, the setting allowed for a safe and accepting space to openly and honestly share with each other.  Overall, this was an incredibly positive experience and I am looking forward to experiencing more group opportunities in the future.”

-Tammy Charmmartin, Aware House Books Owner, Regina Monologues participant 2018

“This course taught me so much on a variety of levels, one highlight of this experience is that I now have abilities to facilitate the development of my own spiritual practice after gaining insight into both my physical and non physical self.. “

-Inspiral participant 2018

“Thanks Jenelle for your devoted, attentive, and skillful guidance throughout our 8-week course… You nurtured and supported us all to find our personal edges, to challenge long held beliefs, many of which we were unaware of.  You have started us out on a journey of discovery… The work you are doing has meaning and great value for assisting others to become richer, truer versions of themselves.”

-Susan, Empower participant 2018

“My experience with Jenelle has been healing and positive. I found answers to things that had been holding me back. I found new ways to release fears and doubts… There was mutual respect and trust exchanged not only between each other but that I found within myself. I became more aware, more intuitive, more connected to myself and the universe. The non-judgmental space makes it easy to be open about my needs, even if I don’t know exactly what they are when I show up. Sharing energy space with Jenelle is raw and beautiful and powerful. I am deeply grateful for her gifts and willingness to use them to help others. I would encourage anybody who feels like they fit into the category box of “other” in life to reach out to Jenelle.”

-Shamanic Services Client, 2018

“Wonderfully releasing and spirit lifting- Thank You!”

-Yoga Therapy Client, 2017

“My overall response is wonderful…a feeling of calm and relaxation.  Laying on the floor with your hands on me sort of kept me in the moment”

-Yoga Therapy Client, 2017

“I first went to the Shamanic Power Circle looking to reconnect. To connect with Mother Earth, the Universe and with my inner source most of all. I felt drawn to the energy that was created that day. I felt that I belong, almost like coming home.
Thank you.”

-Soular Power Circle Participant, 2018

“Relaxing, releasing, warm, fuzzy, full.  Jenelle has beautiful soft strong energy; my self (body, mind, soul) feels trust in her”

-Yoga Therapy Client, 2017

“I got insight to my disconnection of my left and right body, mind, spirit… Very insight, very relaxing.  Enjoyed.  Wonderful.”

-Yoga Therapy Client, 2016

“Amazing as always… The session was exactly what I needed.”

Yoga Therapy Client, 2017

“It was an excellent session.  I liked the intuitive/client-centered approach.”

Yoga Therapy Client, 2017