Sound Healing

Dearest Community,

Exciting dream seeds are unfolding and require extra time to flourish with integrity.  As such, I am presently on partial hiatus.  Until April 22, I will have limited availability only for existing clients.  If you are an existing client, please reach out via text/email with your session requests.  I will resume taking new clients and offering new workshops after April 22, 2020. 

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Everything in our observable Universe vibrates, from the tiniest electrons to the largest stars.  In turn, these vibrations create sound frequencies and geometric waveforms, described in both Western and Eastern philosophy as the foundational building blocks of reality.  In a sound healing session, we engage the foundational and creative capacities of sound to facilitate self-awareness, release somatized pain and support your healing intentions.  Sound Healing sessions can included embodied awareness, supportive touch, Acutonics tuning forks, spiritual healing, drum, rattle, and vocal sounding.

Session Essentials


  • Sessions are held at my private practice, in south-central Regina, Sask.  Further location details are provided when booking.


  • Sessions are between 60-90mins in length, and are available between 10-3pm, Tues and Thursdays.

Fee Structure (taxes included)

Single Session (paid for per session):

  • Introductory session: $80
  • 1 session: $100

Bulk Session Packages (paid for in bulk):

  • 4 sessions: $352 (12% off)
  • 6 sessions: $480 (20% off)
  • 8 sessions: $600 (25% off)
  • 12 sessions: $840 (30% off)

What to Wear

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you feel very relaxed and warm in.

When you Arrive:

  • Please arrive 5-10mins early for your session.  Enter via the front door and take a seat in the front hall.  Please be sure to turn your phone OFF completely, or at minimum to Airplane mode, this is your time to switch gears: to relax and focus on self-care and healing.

Further inquiries and bookings please call/text at (306) 570-7716, or email  You can also book online here by clickingSchedule Appointment

Sound Healing?


Mid-Range Tuning Forks

Evidenced in our own solar system, in 6th century BCE, Pythagoras developed a scientific theory that showed sound’s adherence to mathematical law, called “Music of the Spheres”.  Based on Pythagoras’ theory, as well as Oriental Medicine, Astrology and Depth Psychology, Acutonics® is a sound healing system that uses precision calibrated planetary tuning forks, placed on acupuncture points and chakra centers, to fine tune a client’s energy system.  Having trained with Dr. Eeka King in Byron Bay, Australia, I am currently the only Acutonics® practitioner in Saskatchewan, and am honored to bring this beautiful modality to the prairies, my home.

Also while living in Australia I had the privilege of studying Sound As Medicine with Purdie Wood, a recognized local Shaman and Sound Healer.  Sound As Medicine engages the intricate, healing potentials of voice, drum and rattle, which are sustained by the practitioner’s intuitive capacities to facilitate their client’s healing intentions.  The techniques serve not only to resource a client with nourishing and healing energy, but also to locate and break up blockages that disturb the client’s capacity for equilibrium and healthful ease.

I’m greatly inspired by the transformational depth and somatic healing potential of Sound Healing and look forward to sharing it with my local community.


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