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I offer one-on-one services and group facilitation.  My services fall into two categories: Treatment and Process-Work.  Treatment is for individuals who know they need to receive care, to “treat” themselves by having a practitioner do work on their behalf.  Process-Work is for individuals who know they need to take action, to be supported by a professional who imparts strategies and practices that empower insight and uplifting change.  Whether through Treatment or Process-Work, my goal is to help you realize and engage resources to reclaim your life and express your truest self.

Take a moment here to check in.  Feel your breath, feel and/or imagine your heart beating.  Ask yourself: “Do I need to receive, to be passively cared for?  Or, is it time to take action, to learn strategies for empowerment?”  There is no right or wrong answer.  In this moment, there is your answer.  What do you need at this time in your life?

If you need treatment at this time, the services I can provide are Sound Healing and Shamanic work.  If you need process-work, the service I can provide is Yoga TherapyGroup Programs are another form of process-work, and for more information click here.

Be it in the form of treatment or process-work, most of us need a thorough and thoughtful plan.  In our instant gratification culture, it is easy to forget that what took time be created will take time to undo.  Dis-ease, pain and disharmony are signs and inspiration to change.  I can help you tailor a realistic plan to re-establish coherence, joy, and ease.  My professional recommendation is to invest in a minimum of 6-8 sessions, be them treatments, process-work, or a combination of the two.  The discounts I offer reflect my belief in wise and response-able planning.

Fee Structure (taxes included)

Single Session (paid for per session):

  • Introductory session: $50
  • 1 session: $100

Bulk Session Packages (paid for in bulk):

  • 4 sessions: $352 (12% off)
  • 6 sessions: $480 (20% off)
  • 8 sessions: $600 (25% off)
  • 12 sessions: $840 (30% off)

For inquiries, and bookings call/text me at 306-570-7716, or email

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