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Personal development work is powerful when done on our own, and alchemical when done in groups!  Something special happens when we show up both to our selves, and to others in a supportive, compassionate community, and the word synergy sums it up.  Group dynamics are synergistic, they add a unique level of effectiveness that is not achieved in isolation.  All upcoming group details are provided in the images below, and be sure to check out my Facebook page: Jenelle Finch PSYT for early bird sign up bonuses.


Group Offerings:

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Soul Power Circle OAK @ final (1)


“This was a first experience for me participating in a women’s circle/session.  Although it was a little unnerving at first, to allow myself to show my “vulnerable” side to women I did not know, the setting allowed for a safe and accepting space to openly and honestly share with each other.  Overall, this was an incredibly positive experience and I am looking forward to experiencing more group opportunities in the future.”

-Tammy Charmmartin, Aware House Books Owner, Regina Monologues participant 2018

“This course taught me so much on a variety of levels, one highlight of this experience is that I now have abilities to facilitate the development of my own spiritual practice after gaining insight into both my physical and non physical self.. “

-Deanne M, Inspiral participant 2018

“The Empower workshops have inspired me to live a more intentional, connected life. I was amazed by Jenelle’s ability to take us on a journey that not only includes an exploration of the self and our innermost connections, but also of our relationship to others and the world around us. She’s helped me remember to take time, to breath, to sit with the world and be grateful for it’s beauty. I feel more connected and mindful. I understand myself more deeply and appreciate the opportunity to pause, learn, and surprise myself.”

-Nicolle, Empower participant 2018

“Thanks Jenelle for your devoted, attentive, and skillful guidance throughout our 8-week course… You nurtured and supported us all to find our personal edges, to challenge long held beliefs, many of which we were unaware of.  You have started us out on a journey of discovery… The work you are doing has meaning and great value for assisting others to become richer, truer versions of themselves.”

-Susan, Empower participant 2018

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