My Objective

I am a holistic health professional offering yoga therapy, spiritual healing, sound healing and group programs online and in Regina, Canada.  I honor all aspects of your experience, taking into consideration and supporting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and goals. My intentions are to meet you where you are on your individual journey to health and human flourishing.  My services help you restore peace, coherence and vitality in your life.

I am passionate about learning, and have 2500+ hours of combined, formal training in the health and healing arts.


C-IAYT_small International Association of Yoga Therapists| May 2016-Sept 2019 | Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  • Yoga Therapist apply yogic tools—postures, breathwork, meditation, & more, to address an individual’s needs— physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.  IAYT’s certification training is the highest degree available for current practicing yoga therapists.  It prepares and enables practitioners to bridge yoga therapy into our modern healthcare settings and to suit diverse populations’ needs.  The training is holistic and thorough, and includes an extensive clinical practicum.
  • Skills acquired: individual assessment, formal intake, how to address specific concerns using yogic mind-body-heart-soul techniques, practices tailored to client goals, individual empowered with self-healing, deepening therapeutic relationship, group facilitation, psychology, additional biomedicine, adaptation of yoga tools to individual needs, in-depth anatomy & pathophysiology, and extensive clinical practicum

Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing| Oct 2016-May 2019 | Foundation of Shamanic Studies

  • This 3 year program included six, week-long residential training sessions and home-study for integration and practice. Designed by Michael Harner and the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, this program greatly deepened my awareness, skill and discipline of shamanic practices. It also provided extensive initiation for potent connection to spiritual reality and the compassionate allies available for spiritual healing.
  • Skills acquired: strong spiritual connection, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction healing, empowerment healing, divination, psychopomp, and compassionate depossession.

Subtle Body | November 2019 | Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  • This course offered the opportunity to explore western anatomical and allopathic views of the body as they intersect with yogic views of energy and consciousness.
  • Skills acquired: an understanding of the koshas, their primary composition, common obstructions, and yoga interventions for each layer; better appreciation for the chakras and corresponding visceral cavities, including key structures of gross anatomy, key fascial, marma and nadi pathways and yoga interventions for each chakra.

Life Mentoring | December 2018 | Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  • A 6-month online course with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy founder Michael Lee, furthering my skills as a yoga therapy practitioner.
  • Skills Acquired: referencing; refinement of present-moment body wisdom and connection to client’s life and goals; refinement of therapeutic relationship skills; coaching; further integration of PRYT themes as skillful means for addiction, trauma, and grief recovery.

Group Facilitator Training | December 2017 | Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  • A one week residential training in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, with Lyn Tally furthering my skills as a therapeutic group facilitator.
  • Skills Acquired: group dynamics; facilitator’s role, focus and responsibilities; essential quality of intention; over arching group process; theme-based intentions and complimentary practices; marketing and other programming essentials.
  • mentorship completed in April 2018.

Two-Week Shamanic Intensive | June 2016 | Foundation of Shamanic Studies

  • A two-week, residential intensive in San Francisco, California, at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, with Amanda Foulger furthering my skills as a shamanic practitioner.
  • Skills Acquired: How to provide Soul Retrieval, Psychopomp, Extraction Healing, Healing Song and Healing Symbol for clients.

Yoga Therapy Level 1, 2 & 3 | May 2016 | Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  • On site intensives in Vancouver, British Columbia; Great Barrington, Massachusetts; and Bristol, Vermont, including a nine month practicum completed July 2017, to deepen and enhance my skill as a yoga therapist.
  • Skills Acquired: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) approach to dialogue used to enhance a client’s mind-body consciousness; advanced posture assists; PRYT integration process; tools to establish a sound practitioner/client relationship; format and practice of a full PRYT session.

Acutonics® Level 1 & 2 | February 2016 | Acutonics Australia

  • Two separate, weekend intensives with Dr. Eeka King in Byron Bay, Australia, learning the Acutonics’ sound healing system.
  • Skills Acquired: Foundations in Acutonics, use of mid-range and high-range tuning forks; integration of drum, bells, chimes, gongs and singing bowls for a sound healing session; meridian points, their esoteric application and associated health benefits, format and practice of full Acutonics session.

Rethinking Trauma | March 2016 | National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

  • An eight-week webinar series with the leading pioneers of mind-body trauma therapy: Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Pat Ogden, Dr. Dan Siegel, Sebern Fisher, Dr. Ruth Lanius, Dr. Ronald Siegel and Dr. Ruth Buczynski imparting key skills for psycho-therapists and mind-bodyworkers to support client’s in overcoming trauma.
  • Skills Acquired: Mind-body relaxation response and techniques; here-now, sensation resourcing for healing trauma; neuroscientific research on fundamental need for body-based approaches in psychotherapy; the session essentials for lasting and effective outcomes.

Sound as Medicine | December 2015 | Purdie Wood

  • A six-month, one-on-one training with Purdie Wood, a renowned shaman and sound healing mentor, learning intuitive voice and medicinal song, in Mullumbimby, Australia.
  • Skills Acquired: empathic sound; intuitive voice; directive sound; invocation; sound release; creating sacred space; energetic boundaries; embodiment essentials for client empowerment; practitioner presence and self-care.

Deathwalker Training | November 2015 | Natural Death Care Center

  • Week long intensive with Zenith Virago in Byron Bay, Australia, learning the art of being with those who are dying, supporting them and their families, walking alongside their collective death processing.
  • Skills Acquired: exploring & embracing death; caring for & being with dying; ceremony, ritual & rite of passage; preparation & advocacy; funeral arrangements; bereavement, loss & growth.

Foundations in Yoga Therapy | August 2015 | Enlightened Events

  • A six-month training in Brisbane, Australia, with teachers Sal Flynn and Liz Bennett furthering my understanding and application of yoga therapy.
  • Skills Acquired: establishing client/practitioner relationship; client record keeping; therapeutic use of asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, relaxation, yogic nutrition, mudras and kriyas; therapeutic approaches to the most common patho-physiologies; mental health and a yogic approach; professional scope and working complementary to the allied health care system.

Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing | May 2015 | Sandra Ingermann

  • A three-part, six-month distance education course with Sandra Ingermann and over 700 fellow shamanic practitioners worldwide.
  • Skills Acquired: how to bridge ancient healing modalities into family, business, and community life; remote power animal retrieval; remote divination; working with the spirits of nature; and remote shamanic healing methods.

Food and Spirit | January 2015 | Deanna Minich

  • A four-month distance education course with Dr. Deanna Minich a leading pioneer in clinical application of quantum medicine and mind-body-spirit integration of nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Skills Acquired: full-spectrum consideration of the chakras as connected to and expressed in lifestyle, attitudes, habits and beliefs; assessing chakra imbalances using the Food + Spirit system of analysis; yogic lifestyle recommendations to address imbalances; client-practitioner relationship; on-going client support; lifestyle coaching; progress tracking and record keeping.

Reiki| December 2014 | Kendra Kembel

  • A three-part, one-on-one training with Reiki Master Kendra Kembel in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • Skills Acquired: Reiki attunement; familiarity with Reiki energy; client/practitioner relationship; full Reiki session protocol and practices.

Positive Psychology Coaching | November 2014 | Wholebeing Institute

  • A three-month distance education course with Lynda Wallace from the Wholebeing Institute.
  • Skills Acquired: solutions-focused coaching; client empowerment; meditation practices for positive change; sustainable rates of change; client-centered approaches; and process-oriented listening skills.

Basic Shamanic Course | October 2014 | Foundation of Shamanic Studies

  • A three-day shamanic intensive with Dr. Marcia Rich in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Skills Acquired: basic journey skills; power animal retrieval for clients; divination for self and for clients; how to create sacred space; familiarity with spiritual power; power dance and power song.

Pain Care Yoga | November 2011 & 2013 | Neil Pearson

  • Two separate, five-day therapeutic yoga intensives with Neil Pearson of Life Is Now, in Regina, Sask.
  • Skills Acquired: understanding the healthy function and neurophysiology of pain; understanding the unhealthy neurophysiology of chronic and persistent pain; therapeutic use of mantra, asana, pranayama, mindfulness, meditation, and yogic lifestyle to help clients overcome chronic pain conditions; fundamentals of client education; record keeping; progress tracking and continuation of care.

Yoga Teacher Training | January 2011 | Bodhi Tree Yoga Center

  • A twelve-month yoga teacher training with yoga therapist Sarah Garden and yoga teacher Colin Hall in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • Skills Acquired: teaching approaches to asana, meditation and pranayama; core anatomy and physiology for yoga teachers; subtle anatomy for yoga teachers; history and philosophy of yoga.

Workshops, Forums & Experience

Camino del France

In 2015 I walked the Camino del France, from Pamplona to Finisterre.  The walk took me 33 days, and I covered 815+Km on foot.  This journey was an incredible gift and an unforgettable quest of heart, mind, body and soul.  The greatest lessons I learned on my way were: the importance of community; the power of having a dream/vision; the reality that our day to day lives provide a constant Camino of no less value, depth or potential than glorified pilgrimages; and ultimately of my need to look within myself, instead of outside of myself, for the golden path of wisdom and alchemical potential for my growth and evolution.  Our interconnectedness and the potency of our individuation together hold the key to sustainable growth, creativity and abundant beauty in our lives and the ever present moment.

Path of Love

An 8-Day Residential program, August 2015, Hunter Valley, Australia.  Path of Love is a personal development and therapeutic intensive retreat, based significantly on the work of Osho, Somatic Psychotherapy, Sufi practices and other embodied mindfulness healing techniques.  In its own way it can be experienced as an initiation and saturation with the sacred; as a means to ignite or rekindle your inner zest, and help inspire a self-authoring engagement with your life.

Lymphatic Movement Workshop

In 2011, with physiotherapist Tracy Gardikiotis, at Bodhi Tree, Regina, Canada.  This workshop focused on what yoga teachers need to be mindful of in order to share yoga safely and effectively with students healing from breast cancer therapies and treatments.

Continuum Workshop

A 5-day Intensive, June 2014, with Linda Rabin, in Regina, Canada.  Continuum is a Somatic Movement technique that incorporates self-created sound and interoception visualization techniques, helping participants better inhabit, connect to and explore their inner landscapes and multi-layered experiences.  Although its main directive is through our bodies as a means to uncover and unravel both painful holding patterns and deep ecstatic experience, Continuum helps practitioners explore the union of mind, body, heart and soul.

Continuum Workshop

A 2-day Intensive, June 2016, with Linda Rabin, in Regina, Canada.  More of the above mentioned yumminess!

Detox Summit

In July 2014, with the Institute for Functional Medicine and hosted by Dr. Deanna Minnich, online.   A diverse forum of health care providers speaking about holistic and dynamic approaches to detoxing in order to help clients and patients heal from dysbiosis.


March 2015, in Byron Bay, Australia.  A 2-day Shamanic Medicine Forum where leading practitioners from around the world presented different perspectives on the uses, pitfalls and benefits of plant medicine, mainly from a shamanic practices perspective.

Gratitude Lifeclass Workshop

Jan 2014, with award winning film maker and storyteller Toni Powell, Mullumbimby, Australia.  Gratitude Lifeclass teaches the inspiring, empowering and neuroplasticity effects of quite simply practicing gratitude.

5-Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance

Jan 2015-Feb 2016, with Geash Bowler and Liat Lev Sokal, in the Byron Bay Area, Australia.  Participating in twice-weekly, 5-Rhythms and Open Floor movement classes, I had the blissful opportunity to explore and experience ecstatic dance practices.  Ecstatic dance supports the individual in exploring their own inherent and intuitive movement needs and inspirations; helping participants to embody, heal and access more freedom, joy and vitality in their lives.

Homemaker, Life-Partner, and Mother of Three

March 2012-Present, with my loving husband Lindsay and our three beautiful children, living in many parts of the world: England, Australia and Canada.  I have been passionate about my job as a parent since the moment I discovered I was first expecting. Family life is by far the most challenging and rewarding of life experiences and personal development crash courses I have had the pleasure of participating in. My children and husband foster learning of such depth for me, as I continue to discover the art of being human in dynamic relationship, as well as the art of staying true to oneself while caring deeply for others. It is impossible to list all the skills and abilities, let alone insights and enduring strengths, family life has inspired. But, let it be suffice to say that the experience of being a mother of three and wife of one, has complemented every aspect of my personal and professional development, enabling me to be the best human I possibly can be.


My Approach to Healing and Personal Development

I am informed and inspired by an ever expanding awareness and understanding of our human experience in mind, body, heart and soul.  As a holistic health practitioner, I offer a dynamic, systems approach to your health and process.  Our work together is always a co-creative process; as such, we work in partnership to meet your personal needs and dreams, and together create the circumstances for peace, harmony, and creative vitality in your life.  To support your healing and wellbeing intentions, I offer Yoga Therapy, Spiritual Healing, and Group Facilitation.  One-on-one sessions are highly personalised, and group sessions are dynamic and spacious for individuality.

Some of the techniques I have studied, such as Yoga and Shamanism, are ancient healing modalities.  Others, such as Positive Psychology, Food and Spirit® and Pain Care Yoga, stem from more recent evolutions in health sciences.  As many of us (including myself) grew up with modern science as our primary language, we understandably find ourselves habituating towards techniques that utilize science as their mast and sail.  Yet many of us find ourselves disheartened and dispirited when engaging in practices that compartmentalize our bodies, minds, emotions, and altogether neglect the acknowledgement of our souls.  Curiosity and often desperation lead us to “alternative medicine” for further help and answers.

Thankfully, we now live in a time where choosing the alternative path is no longer criticized as ungrounded heresy.  More and more, once polarized faculties are uniting to better understand our nature, nurture and evolutionary path.  Cutting edge science in the fields of  Psychoneuroimmunology, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and others are providing us with sound evidence to give up senseless competition between allopathic and alternative healthcare, instead encouraging us to identify them as complementary.  Science reinforces our intuitive seeking to integrate new technologies with the ancient practices, such as what we see happening in Positive Psychology combined with Shamanism, or Trauma Psychotherapy combined with  Yoga.  This is a time of collective growing up and moving on; where we are bridging the previous gap between science and spirituality, helping us to co-create effective and sustainable therapies and healing outcomes for our diverse population and diverse health issues.

Furthermore, although we are all descendants of ancient tribes people, who practiced animistic spiritual healing traditions, most of us have grown up completely orphaned from these sacred arts.  Thankfully, as the world becomes more and more connected, opportunities abound for us to explore or serendipitously be exposed to many of these practices.  When we encounter the sacred, something deep within stirs; our curiosity is ignited and we notice the experience satiates some mystery within.  Contact with intentionally sacred traditions feeds what before we only felt as a void within.  What is this hollowness within, this deep longing?

As it transpires, this “void” is in roughly the shape of a soul; not actually missing, but definitely starving.  Being a grown-up in our modern, secular culture deems it immature, irrational and even politically incorrect to “believe in” or talk about soul.  It is my experience, and that of many other modern day seekers and mystics, that we struggle to know wholeness until we achieve integration of every aspect of human experience: mind, body, heart and soul.

It wasn’t that long ago that we framed emotional expression in a similar limiting box: scientifically they were considered “unreal”, just subjective experiences, fabrications of our unstable minds.  However, with the development of increasingly sensitive technologies, we can now measure emotions, and watch as they turn psychological experience into physical ones!  They are real.  Well, they always were real, we just now have scientific permission to be emotional.  So we have permission to be physical, psychological and emotional beings…but what of our spiritual expression?  It seems to me that the challenge of our times is to establish the same respect and permission to be spiritual being, an outcome I hope is just around the corner!

Scientifically confirmed or not, most of us are acutely aware that something is amiss.  Indeed, it is our souls demanding to be seen, felt and skillfully engaged; beckoning us to re-member and re-ember them, to yoke them into the story and fabric of our lives.  This is why sacred traditions feel strangely familiar when we encounter them; they light the way to wholeness, they lead our souls home.

Have further questions?  Keen to start working together?  Great! Me too!

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