Mantras for the Age of Aquarius

Jan 20, 2020 (1)

The Age of Aquarius: The Water-Bearing, Life-Honoring Human.

Today is the day the “conscious, free, enlightened, contained, on purpose, in service, living in an empowered state of grace, water-bearing, life-affirming, honoring the present moment as a sacred gift” human/co-creator is rose and rising from the ashes of transformative process.  Challenge, dismemberment, death and wounding are realized as necessary gifts in service of maturation, individuation, ego resilience/containment and enlightenment to live and embody the Soul’s and Great Spirit’s highest purpose, divine will and vision of love.  This day marks the resurrection of both personal and collective empowered consciousness; we are affirmed in our Age of Aquarius, both as microcosmic and macrocosmic/collective expressions of our transformation into water-bearers, conscious life-affirmers and our choice and time to live in wise/loving co-creation.  Today, Jan 20, 2020, the Sun (Masculine Divinity) is in Aquarius (water-bearing/life affirming human, the mystical and holy human who honors and lives as water and life upon the land), the Moon (Feminine Divinity) is in Sagittarius (Chiron/healer/teacher, the transformed healer whose wisdom bridges Heaven and Earth).  This day affords great potential for us to choose to surrender and stride, in a state of divine will and human grace, into the most benevolent, on purpose and in service life we can be and constantly become.  This day we can powerfully choose to surrender our egoic will to the love and vision of Soul and Spirit.  Visualize yourself as the rightful and at peace passenger of your living vehicle, you’re content and contained in your person-hood, enjoying the adventure and beauty alongside your Soul who drives the life-vehicle and Spirit who provides the GPS instruction!

The following mantras are expressions of our affirmed Age of Aquarius.  If you choose to read them and practice them, I encourage you to trust and surrender to the medicine they are and will provide your life now and always.  Blessings to you and all of us on this powerful day of celebration.

Mantras for the Age of Aquarius:

“I empower my liberation and highest purpose.  I am free, happy, peaceful and love/loved.  Enlightened and embodied, my radiance empowers all my relations to be happy, free, peaceful and love/loved.”

“I engage my life and Nature as a joyful and peaceful activity of participation and co-creativity.”

“I know love and Nature through touch, affection, tenderness, contact, groundedness, contentment, steadiness, patience, empathy, compassion, trust, faith, reciprocity, wisdom, humility, curiosity, deep listening and my presence.”

“My ego is a beautifully developed and content channel of the highest purpose, benevolent service and joyful expression of my Soul into this place and time.”

“My wisdom, power and joyful responsibility grow as I presently experience, learn from and understand the dynamics of living, especially the polarities of yielding and penetration, surrender and confrontation.”

“The world and Nature are perfect; I am in service when I cherish, honor, respect and celebrate this golden globe and generative planet.”

“People, including myself, are in our true nature kind, loving, safe, generous, and peaceful.  Any behavior in contrast to their true nature reflects only wounding, including conditioning, and inspires a mindful and compassionate response in relationship.  People’s true nature is always intact, immaculate and available.”

“I am supported and sustained both within myself and externally to achieve my highest purpose and most powerful, joyful, peaceful and benevolent life.”

“I belong.  Where ever I honor the land in reciprocity it is harmonious and coherent.”

“Everyone, including myself, has exactly what it takes to meet, greet and rise through their life challenges, values and priorities.  I am a soul friend and soul facilitator knowing this truth I embody tender and mindful presence and grace.  I naturally radiate and empower benevolent and transformative truth to others.”

“I live, choose and surrender to a state of grace, the highest truth and purpose for and through my life.”

“My content and gracious ego joyfully journeys as passenger, alongside Soul as the driver, and Spirit the GPS system and instructor.”

“I am interested and attached to life to empower great care, empathy and belonging.  Belonging bridges my soul’s/sole desire into life, in service of the most benevolent outcome for all my relations, including myself.  Caring deeply chargers my greatest humanity.  Accepting divine will and human grace, I live in flow with and faith of divine love and the mystery that is.”

Blessed be.

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