Developing Self-Edgency

I’m a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and lets be honest, the title invites a certain level of mythical curiosity.  What does it mean when you’re not only a Yoga Therapist, but a Phoenix Rising one?

The legend of the phoenix is a curious tale, and like all tales, it is known to have several divergent versions, depending on which continent, and in which culture you find yourself.  My interpretation of the phoenix legend is that of a story of conscious transformation: of conscious dying and conscious birth.  In most tales, the phoenix emerges from the destructive flames alive, alight and soaring, wholly transformed from its original state.  However, the phoenix is not a passive recipient of change, but instead seen to be a conscious choice-maker, who appreciates and values the fire as a catalyst for its own essential becoming.  

Understood this way, we get a hint for why we’re called Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, as the phoenix is a symbol of intentional transformation, of enlightenment grounded in conscious choice-making.  This is what Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is all about.
But where, you might ask, does this promise for transformation abide in our normal, day to day lives?  How can we recognise the ripe possibilities for change while folding the laundry, getting to work, and feeding the cats?  Well, in all your edges of course!

Our “edges” are places of discomfort in life, places where we feel stuck, or places we fear-avert from, places of triggering, disharmony, and general dis-ease in life.  Dissonance can be our best sign post towards finding the potential for a phoenician transformation in life.  But, the catch is, they need to be engaged consciously if they are to lead us towards a sense of self agency…aka Self Edgency!  

When we choose to step into whatever frightens us about our selves, our relationships, our experience (emotionally, physically, psychologically, and/or spiritually), we begin to employ courage and curiousity, two necessary allies for facing our shadows.  And, good news, this is where employing a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist can be an act of wise, self-compassion.   There’s no need to recklessly throw ourselves into the belly of our internal beasts, and furthermore a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist is specifically trained to hold space for your Self Edgency and Transformation, without interFEARING (which is typically what most your well intended friends and family inadvertently do).   Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapists tend to be pretty good at supportin* an embodied experience of transformation because a) they’ve likely already walked through their own phoenetic fire, and b) they’ve been trained to.

Walking consciously, and skilfully into self-transformation is, to say the least, an enlightening and empowering experience.  And thus, it’s no surprise the work has been aptly named after such a magical, and mythical creature.


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