Harvesting the Moon

This morning I crept out of my house for an early morning walk around the lake.  As I strolled down the creek-side path, to meet a walking companion, rapture stole my heart as I caught sight of the enormous Harvest Moon setting itself above the archways of Cameron Street bridge.  The contrast of colors, yellow orange encased in auroric midnight-blue, and the symmetry of shapes, a slightly elongated, orb-like moon cresting over a half-moon bridge, were more than enough to refresh my sleepy mind and refuel my hungry soul…and that was all before the ecstatic recharge of connecting with a friend who inspires you to dig deep, and churn out new and familiar gems from the compost life.

It’s hard to believe how brief the autumn is, and how captivating.  Every day, at least three times a day, I have the opportunity to turn the corner, heading home from a walk, or work, or the collection of my daughter from school, and EVERY time my heart skips a beat.  Without fail, my eyes feel stupefied with delight, to be suddenly surrounded by the golden, flaming vault ceiling of elms cascading regally down my street.  These are the simple, and yet rhapsodic treasures that I feel grateful for, not only that they are in my life, but that my life is so that I am empowered to see the cornucopia I am surrounded by.

Happy Autumn, Happy Fall Equinox, Happy Harvest Moon, Happy Thanksgiving.20151007_152510



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