True Reconciliation

20151011_104018What does it mean to participate in truth and reconciliation?  What does it mean to be true and to reconcile?  I put a quick search “define reconciliation” in the web-address bar, and it spat back two definitions:  A) “the restoration of friendly relations”, and B) “the action of making one view or belief compatible with another”.  Answer A) was expected, but answer B) was inspiring.

The action of making one view or belief compatible with another! I reckon that intention, in action, would seed all manner of restoration of friendly relations.  How many disagreements, whether they lead to war or quiet levels of disconnection, are the result of misperceiving each others’ beliefs as incompatible, and furthermore, taking it personally when we disagree.

So much of life points to synergestic possibility when opposites are reconciled, and work complimentary with one another.  Creative solutions are quite literally born from synthesis and cooperation (thanks mom and dad).  Interesting that the word Solution can be interpreted as to simple blend or mix (think chemistry class), or as suggesting there was a problem in the first place.  Perhaps the problem is our negative attitude towards tension, differences, and stress, as them being perceived as a Problem in the first place.  What if what we needed was to reconcile our negative relationship with differences, tension, and stress?  What if instead we perceived them as a promise for transformation?  For me, this is what opposites truly are, an invitation to grow, cooperate and find creative solution; a tension that inspires me to find balance, and when approached with trust/truth, respect, and immaculate intention, what results is beauty, creation, and peace.

I see this as the challenge of our truth and reconciliation process, here in Canada, and on our planet at large.  Our mission is not only to be truthful about the wrongdoings of the past, in an effort to make peace and restore friendly relations in the present, but also to recognize that we still have not reconciled “one view and belief with another”.

What comes immediately to mind is the dominant view of our modern culture that science is THE language of truth, where as our indigenous people offer a traditional view of spirit as a language of truth.  How do we reconcile these differences when it comes to treating illness, or honoring sacred tradition?  For me, reconciliation would be respectful integration of traditional views and beliefs, and not only for indigenous people, but also for anyone who sought to be helped by them.  Using healthcare as the landscape of this inquiry, reconciliation of traditional indigenous views with modern scientific ones would have us offering a healthcare system that blended sacred, spiritual medicines with modern, clinical ones.  This would be integral reconciliation, the true integration and mutually respectful practice of our different health care paradigms, I’m talking holistic healthcare.  As long as modern culture stands on a self-fulfilling platform that suggests that its paradigm is right and better than the paradigms valued and practiced by the traditional custodians of this land, than our efforts at reconciliation are halfhearted.

The irony is that now our best science, quantum physics, suggests it as irrational to assume that any reality, no matter how different and contrary, is mutually exclusive from any other reality, and also show that the beliefs of the witness are what most strongly influence its perceived reality.  If science is our platform for belief and truth, than we best be walking the talk and opening to more than what we can see at the tip of our own noses.

The ground is shifting, and its because we’re beginning to see the possibilities of our new landscape on the horizon.  Mutual respect, especially when it comes to differences, cooperation, and celebration of the change we are becoming, together, is true reconciliation, and a truly beautiful and sustainable, rainbow-colored, multi-dimensional solution.

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