Discerning when to Change

I’ve been wondering why I am continuing this Camino-in-Writing blog series; certainly I am not feeling I have an abundance of time at my leisure; and also I am not feeling any incredible itch to process the memory or etheric perfume lingering from my walk… what and why I am choosing to continue?  Concepts around commitment and leaning into the unknown, empty of clear expectation, come to mind.  There is a potency to keeping at something we’ve envisioned for ourselves, and not derailing from it when rational no longer favors its odds.  Definitely last year, when I re-engaged my Camino process, a whole strew of unexpected gems surfaced that inspired incredibly gratitude and a pat-on-my-own-back for sticking with the process.  I guess, its partially the lesson of last year’s experience, of following through with a goal and allowing it to churn out unexpected insights, that is fueling my choice to continue.  But then, that feels ironic, because I’m expecting/hoping for the unexpected as cause for keeping on keeping on…

Amazing how we can spin ourselves in endless thought cycles…so curious that we can lose our own selves in our own thoughts.

Anyhow.  So, here I am.  I read another day’s entry.  I deleted the other day’s post.  I’ve blogged whatever came fresh and/or frenzied to mind in the posting.  Am I in any way further along, or further behind?  Of course, hindsight will get the last, and still essentially bias, laugh.  So I’ll leave weighing up the choice to NOT change and derail from my Camino-in-Writing path ’till then.


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