Good morning!  I’ve attached last year’s Camino-in-Writing post, cuz I like it!


Today’s reflections highlight the importance of staying wedded to the Self, in order to sustainably make flourish all other engagements.  This was one of the biggest gifts of my Camino, the hard-hitting reality that I had negotiated my well-being, my health, and life force in order to make good on other goals, dreams, and aspirations.  That is an out-dated model that leads to damage, illness, trauma, resentment, bitterness, disconnection…its no good.

Getting clear on the need to make my health my number one priority, inspired me to dream bigger than I had before.  I learned that I could now risk all manor of big dreams, as long as I didn’t lose sight of dream #1: my vitality, and the sacred contract to my own life force I made when I was born.

Of course, life constantly tests my commitment to this priority.  I feel confident, and hopeful, that I’ve learned the lesson enough to be clear on its importance.  So, I imagine I’ll resiliently continue to grow and learn in health.

Sept 27, 2016 Blog:

It was today on my Camino I endeavored to dream bigger than I had before. I decided to set my sights on Finesterre as a final Camino destination. This was a big deal for me. Up until now I had felt it was a contraindication to set a destination goal, as my ultimate and core intention was to practice self-care: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As mentioned in a previous blog, I was walking my Camino because I had hit a crisis point, I had come unstuck. Up to that point in my life, I had not managed to master the essential skill of self-care. And, although as a yoga teacher I perennially professed to students the need to care for self, before one could sustainably meet the needs of others, I was obviously behaving as the exception, instead I was the hypocrite. The default mind-set that limited me was that self-care felt antonymous with motherhood… right?! It felt unrealistic to expect the one (self-care) while engaged in the other (motherhood), thus I resided myself to the reality that I’d just have to rebuild myself once my kids were grown. My crisis made clear to me I had other plans.  My crisis forced a “wake-up” and get real: “I”, and my well-being, were no longer negotiable, there was no “we” with out a healthy “I”.

Thus, setting a goal to get to a certain destination on my Camino was edgy. But the loving crew of pilgrims I was with helped me to realize that if I didn’t allow for the possibility of reaching a certain destination, and set a daily walking plan accordingly, then if and when I did choose a goal-worthy destination, it would be unattainable. Walking 15km/day versus walking 20km/day could be the difference between making it to Santiago, or Finesterre, or not, and I realized I wanted to keep my options open. So, I set my sights on Finesterre, plotted my Camino map accordingly, and continued my walk full of enthusiasm and hope!

Ultimately, I knew it was a win-win, having this mini-daily goal orientation would help me stay focused on my walk, all the while knew that ultimately all I had to do to be successful on my walk was be nice to myself. At the end of the day, as long as I felt I had practiced self-honor and self-care I won!  What did I have to lose in dreaming a bit bigger? Nothing, as long as I had my priorities straight.

Today I walked from Logrono to Najare. It was a 30km walk, and at the end of the day I was reassuringly surprised at my body’s capacity to endure such distance. I felt alive, vital and in stride with my goals. It was a good day.

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