Two years ago, today…another Camino anniversary

Of course, without a little help from “Facebook memories”, I likely would not have remembered the exact date I set off from Australia, en route for Spain to walk the Camino.  Although I treasure and embody the memories, and lessons, from my Camino, today I generally find myself happily occupied in the present moment, busy with everyday life.  Unlike last year, I no longer feel haunted by remnant, undigested material from my past adventure, and thus I do not feel the need to go in, and go deep.

Nonetheless, here I am.

Taking another anniversal approach to remembering, and sharing a bit about my reflections, is a way for me to pay homage, one last time, to my 31-day walk of 2015.  A little twist this year, after each day’s reflective post, I will delete the previous year’s Camino-in-Writing blog entry… so, if you haven’t read it yet, and really want to…don’t delay😊.  Deleting each entry, one day at a time, feels an appropriate metaphor for my intention to use this year’s process to not only revisit, but let lie the adventure of the past.


Leaving Brunswick Heads, heading for Pamplona via Gold Coast, Via Madrid!

If you’re keen to read the post from a year ago, it’s titled “A Camino in Writing”.