A New Mythology?

This post was shared on my Yoga In The House blogspot last July, and I felt inspired to now share it here.  It’s a quicker-than-most share:

I’m starting to learn about a new paradigm, a new mythology. This learning is taking shape and being informed and inspired from workings and explorations within and without of my self. Serving as a useful metaphor, I literally keep WAKING UP hearing the song “We Don’t Need Another Hero”, by Tina Turner…

Times are a changing, the world is evolving and revolving (as we all are)…Heroes come from a paradigm of fear, of monsters and villains… In Tina’s song she sings of “love and compassion hav[ing] their time”.  For me, this is suggesting the new paradigm and a new mythology; something we may not know yet, but are inspired to dream about and imagine. This new paradigm is a time without villains or demons, without anything to defend against or slay. Many of us may not yet be able to fathom such a reality, but I’m starting to see/feel/hear glimpse it, and am feeling good cause to set sail guided by it like a North Star. This new story looks like a rainbow, it sounds like a bee, it tastes sweet like health, it feels like safety, it is abundance; if it feels unreal it’s only because it’s waiting to Be.

Everything you see around you took shape first in the imagination…I believe this new paradigm is a dream worth dreaming. We are at a turning point, the old mythology is turning under, experiencing its autumn, and here we are a collective clean up team: tasked with our own healing work, tasked with undoing trauma lines and wounds that have snagged us for too long, carried forward like false gods of fear and suffering that give rise to competition, comparison, judgement and hierarchy. This new reality is one that embodies partnership, cooperation, creativity, equality AND diversity, beauty, ease, harmony, peace. We can do it!!! I know we can!! We’ve done it before!!! So do it again!! Let’s go team living!! Sorry, what’s a Jenelle post without some flaming dorkiness!

Love you😍☕️😘❤️💚💖💓

Oh, and one last thing. We don’t need hEROS, we need EROS….who is Eros you ask? Why he is Cupid, son of Aphrodite, he is the new divine masculine, his bow and arrow are NOT used to slay or defend, why instead they are used to UNITE lovers!! My kinda masculine!!! And check out the story of Psyche (soul, daughter of Aphrodite) and Eros marriage. The journey of Psyche to become fully realised and conscious feminine! I know I’m now contradicting myself, suggesting an old story to inspire the new paradigm…but perhaps this story was a seed/pearl that was sowed a long time again that has been undergoing its own alchemical and timely evolution to bring about change…the time is now my loves! Dream on!

K, peace

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