Why Spiritual Healing?

Just as you would not go to a Spiritual Healer to help you deal with an acute injury, such as a broken bone, it make equal nonsense to go to your Allopathic Doctor to help you heal from trauma of a spiritual nature.  But what, you might ask, is spiritual healing?  And secondly, does it really work?  Well, firstly, spiritual healing is a mystery.  As much as I will attempt to describe some of its techniques and offer up rational for skeptics to keep an open mind towards it, I will not be able to answer the impossible.  Spiritual healing is steeped in the unknown, but incredibly it still invites us to know more than we dared to think was possible.   And as to the second question, all I can say is that spiritual healing always works the way its meant to, it just so happens to not necessarily work the way we expect or want it to.  It generally demands both its practitioners and recipients let go of their limited expectations, in order to make room for a greater perspective on healing to work its magic.  So in the end, spiritual healing both inspires faith in the mystery and demands it.

Living in our secular times, I can appreciate that this might all sound a bit too woo-woo, or perhaps you’re even wondering how I manage to speak of such irrational things.  But, the truth is, there exists far more mystery in life than certainty.  To date, our most current and accurate physics offer that scientifically we can only explain 4.9% of the observable Universe!  The rest of what’s out there…a mystery!  And although we’ve appropriately coined it Dark Matter and Dark Energy, naming does not offer any further insight.

So, if its starting to sound like I am trying to convince you to open your mind to a reality that includes our spiritual existence, well, its because I am:-)  Considering the fact of our limited scientific knowledge (reminder: less than 5% of known reality) it clearly makes RATIONAL sense to stay open-minded towards other possibilities.  As I was once a determined agnostic, I can appreciated the tendency to poo-poo spiritual explanations.  However, as a result of my own spiritual experiences I had great cause to find away to fold it in to my perspective on reality.  Without my own direct experience of soul and spirit, I would not be a believer in this spiritual mumbo-jumbo, which is why I don’t expect anyone else to be.  In fact, I would highly recommend you don’t take my word for it.  Instead, I highly recommend you approach it as a true scientist: research it for yourself.

Mystery traditions around the world offer paradigms that include descriptions of a spiritual consciousness.  The paradigm that has most reverently fed my curiosity is that of Shamanism.  It does not preach truths, but instead offers technologies to facilitate direct revelation for its practitioners.  Although it takes adept skill and practice to perform shamanic healing on behalf of others, anyone can practice the techniques for themselves with reasonably good success.  Shamanism offers participants a paradigm of spiritual reality to consider for their respectful approach; however it does not proclaim the paradigm as an absolute truth.  Shamanism is uninterested in blind faith or bandwagon followers; it is a practice for critical thinkers, and thus its approach suits me to a tee.  Born a screaming skeptic, finding myself on a spiritual path was terrifying, painful, life-changing and awe inspiring.  Considering that no other theory I grew up with offered me a large enough framework to hang my unexpected yet intense spiritual experiences on (and please pardon the pun) I found Shamanism to be a God-send.  And the longer I am on this path, the more I realize other secular westerners (just like me) are stumbling on spiritual experience and, unfamiliar with it, are struggling to integrate their rich experiences.

As a result of my own spiritual experiences and knowledge, founded in the ancient practices I’ve had the deep honor of learning, I now integrate spiritual healing for myself and when working on behalf of others.  This is a part of my therapeutic work because, through experience, I’ve come to appreciate and understand it as a key piece, if not the very heart, of all wellbeing, healing and vitality.  As my therapeutic approach is integrative and holistic, it is necessary  for me to engage the full-spectrum of our human experience: mind, body, emotion and spirit.  Working in this synergistic way is deeply satisfying, inspiring and beautifully effective.  And of course, I love sharing the mystery of it with others!

I share this blog as its taken a lot for me to finally find the strength to honor the true nature of my work, especially my spiritual work.  However, I can now see the beauty in my once skeptical mind finding a way to justify it as being truly rational to be open minded.  If we flat out reject a spiritual reality, without ever participating in our own genuine research, then we are only further enabling positions of close-minded dogma, instead of curiosity inspired science.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being open-minded:-)




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