A Journey into the Heart and Soul

Today I am setting off on a journey, I’ve decided to participate in the Path of Love. Many of you may be familiar with this formal “process” of self witnessing, clearing, healing and growing. And of course, all of us are familiar with the informal path of love, as this is what I think we call life! The formal Path of Love I am setting off on today is an eight day process where you are held by loving, professional support, while you dig into and break down (lovingly) the barriers you’ve put up that block your receiving, expressing and radiating of love. I can’t say I know a lot about what to expect, and I kinda don’t want to. I kinda want to just take a leap of faith and completely trust in the flow of life that has led me this far, all the while filling me with both divine and desperate experiences (both of which I am grateful to have learned from…generallyJ).

Four years ago I had a significant-to-me spiritual awakening/opening/experience. During this somewhat manic period in my life, a clarity emerged: that everything that everyone is doing in relationship to themselves and with others is about learning how to love. This awareness was such a relief; in fact I was giddy with the knowledge, quite literally blissed out of my mind/body about it! It became so clear to me that every conflict we were met with was really just an opportunity presenting itself for us to witness the limits of our love, and to take the experience as a gift to transmute this limitation. These conflicts (which means every conflict we have) help us to see where and how the currently abiding conditions that limit our love wall up our hearts and closed them off to others, and also to ourselves.

The tricky thing about experiencing these sorts of spiritual awakenings (feel free to call them whatever you like) is that they take time to really integrate and become your new program of operation (or hopefully really a truth you move from). I love how Rick Hanson describes the integration of awakenings as helping the insights “land in the ground of your being”…isn’t that beautiful! This idea that seeds of awareness land in the garden of the self and we can cultivate the soil and nourish the seeds so they can really take root and flourish is a wonderful metaphor. Many of my current teachers talk about the garden of self, or about the cultivation of the “culture medium” (as Bruce Lipton says) to help nourish and “feed the seeds you want to grow” (one of my favorite quotes from Sandra Ingerman).

Not to get too far off course, but I would like to briefly share the ways in which I choose to affect my culture medium/garden soil of self: connect with nature every day, exercise every day, eat as cleanly as I possibly can for the love of it (I find food tastes much better now that I really love what I’m eating and feel loved by it), surround myself with people I love and feel loved by, dance like no one is watching 1-2/week, laugh frequently at myself (lovingly) and with others (but not at others, unless they are up for it!), choose to study and work in areas that you really love, make love to self and someone you love as frequently as you feel inspired to, share your thoughts, smiles, emotions, grace and love with yourself, your family and your community. All of these things I do not manage to do ALL of the time. The point is not to press yourself into living a loving life, the point is (I think) to be realistic about the ratio of positive and negative experiences to help support your being, and ultimately your family and community, to flourish. Barbara Fredrickson, a leading Positive Psychology researcher, suggests that pragmatically we need a 3:1 ratio of positive to negative experience to flourish. It’s worth pointing out here that we also grow our dynamic resilience from challenge; so negative experiences also help us to expand into our potential. Negative is not unwelcome, it is (I believe) necessary to growth (learning theory supports this)…however, if the scales are tipped and we have too much negative, then we flounder.

Anyhow, back to the Path of Love. What I would like to share is my personal reasons for participating in this formal process (other than getting an eight day break from the kids….oops, should of I said that?). I have been doing a lot of work this past year engaging in what is generally referred to as Energy Psychology, processes that work on rewiring your subconscious mind/self: ultimately dismembering and transmuting old limiting beliefs and conditionings that block my acceptance of abundance and love in my lifetime. Sometime I will blog about the amazing results I’d engaging in this work/study…but I might actually need to write a novel about it, so don’t hold your breath.

This has felt of paramount importance for a few reasons: a) I feel inspired to learn and study these modalities…so yay!, b) I’ve come to realize that until I truly love myself it is likely impossible to genuinely love anyone else (including those I really, REALLY want to love in an unhindered way like my children), c) the old motto of “be the change you want to see in the world” come to mind: I feel so curiously inspired as to what this world would look like if we all just worked on our own “stuff” instead of pointing out everyone else’s “wrongness”, and as such I best walk the talk and do my own personal work, and lastly d) as I want my children to know on the deepest level possible that they are worth loving, that they are enough and worth taking good care of, that they are love, and truly the only way I can really teach that to them is if I choose to role-model it first and foremost!

And so, I am off, leaving in exactly 1 hour. I am feeling incredibly blessed, and I also feel very empowered, respectful and responsible in taking these steps and finding good support to guide me through this process. I don’t believe we are meant to be self-sufficient islands in this life, the whole of the multi-verse appears hinged on interconnectivity, on interdependence. Finding help to unravel ourselves and be put back together saturated in love feels like a wise step. So, high-fives all around for the team, I think we’re all doing a pretty darn good job giving it a go, showing up, and going along for the ride. Thanks for any love, blessings and well wishes I can feel being radiated to me from those of you who read this blog. Right back at ya!



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