Respect vs Righteousness

I’ve been thinking a lot of late about the outcome differences of applying respect instead of righteousness in discussions or relationships.  There are countless times, every day in this world, where we find ourselves smack up against someone else’s ‘truth’ or ‘belief’ which just so happens to contend with our own ‘truths’ or ‘beliefs’, whether they be spiritual, religious, relational, professional or scientific truths.  It is at this point where either righteousness can be thrown on the smouldering’s of a conversation to spark a potentially hazardous side taking fire, or else respect can be applied to the dividing wound, allowing us to celebrate our individuality as the spice of life, as I believe it to be:-)

I’ve been thinking about these concepts recently for several reasons, but the most prominent being that I have recently been experimenting with and adventuring into fringe spirituality.  As a result, when keen to share my soulful adventures with others (similar to how one might like to share their cooking adventures with others), I have at times found myself feeling highly scrutinized, even looked at like a bit of a heretic for even considering such woowoo.  To me we are living in a culture that depends on science for its truths similar to how I imagine societies depended on religion for truths 500 years ago; back then if your scientific ideas challenged religious ideas you could be burnt at the stake or excommunicated…Now it sorta feels like the roles are reversed, if your spiritual views are too outside of scientific beliefs you are marginalized as insensible, simple minded or ridiculous.  The exact treatment of the heretics varies somewhat, but the basic energy is that of shame and not belonging.  I know some would argue that you can’t call science a belief system, but I would promptly mention that we can only ‘rationally’ and ‘scientifically’ explain 4% of the known universe.  In my opinion, that provides a fair bit of licencing for basing your truth on your own experience vs that of the stories science tells.  And furthermore, science itself has even recently proven that belief seems to be the real clincher when it comes to healing or the effects of medications (check out placebo and nocebo research if you are skeptical).  Don’t get me wrong, I deeply respect the scientific method, and the consciousness evolution we’ve experienced as a result of it, but I don’t think it is the only story/myth that can accurately and effectively explain what is going on here.  The further I dread off the beaten track, armed with my curiosity, openness, and conscious presence, the more I realize and EXPERIENCE that the lines between science and spiritually only exist if I create them for myself.  Now, I greatly appreciate that this might not be your experience, heck we all look very different, feel very different, sound very different and live very different…why would spirituality be the anomaly.

And here’s the mantra that surfaced for me today while I walked on our glorious beach: “An attitude of gratitude is grounded in respect”.

peace and love,


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