At home with Spirituality

I’ve been listening to the Waking Up series for the last couple of weeks, it is currently offered for free by Sounds True to celebrate their 30th anniversary (only for the month of May, so check it out:

I have founds these talks to be incredibly inspiring and insightful.  There are a teachers from a variety of disciplines sharing their insights on what Spiritual Awakening means to them.  With all of these differing and (sometimes) in concert perspectives, you can start to feel a bigger picture surfacing, some rhyme and reason, or maybe even a Spiritual Awakening Constellation making itself clear.

I find these talks inspiring because they make apparent that so many modern day, sound and grounded people are investigating and inquiring into spiritual practices with reverence and studiousness!  Yay!  Some of the speakers are highly acclaimed research scientists who are eagerly bridging these once opposing worlds: Spirituality and Science (check out Rick Hanson’s talk).  As a westerner, with a mind that feels safe with science and sound logic, but who is also a practicing yogi, their pursuits give further permission to delve deeper into my practice with confidence…a truly essential ingredient.

I find these talks insightful, as many speakers are synthesizers, meaning they are not overtly married to one discipline or another, and as such are willing to practice many different spiritual technologies and find the common essence or functional blueprint that they collectively offer.  I find this useful, as it gives my rational, linear mind a distilled and faith-filled focus as I engage my practice, again strengthening the muscle of confidence which helps me ‘surrender’ to the process.

From the relatively early days of practicing yoga and other mindfulness techniques, strange things started happening to me.  I say strange, only because I did not have a framework to ground or interpret my experiences with.  I now know, from reading countless testaments from trusted sources, and from seeking out wise teachers, that what I was experiencing was normal, and not really anything special (as in unique to only me), though very exciting and evolutionary.

Listening to the speakers on the Waking Up series is helping me to further broaden my perspective, and providing more expansive structures to hang my experiences on, and with that provides potential map work to inspire further inquiry and exploration into the wilderness of my self.  They’ve left me feeling more at home and familiar with what once felt disownable and unsteady in my story, and although I know that safety flavoured with certainty is a recipe for limited dogma; safety flavoured with faith is a recipe for transformation.

Although I don’t want to solve the mysteries, I am grateful for the grounded support to invite and engage them in my ‘normal’ life.  So, thank you all of the speakers of the Waking Up series, and thank you Sounds True for offering them for free for the month of May!!

Many blessings,


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